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We select the lipo cells with the same capacity and also with nearly the same voltage and IR for assembling as battery packs. Then we will also check each lipo pack after aging for some days one by one; Meanwhile, we will also make the final inspection of each before......More
First from raw materials--drying--Balling--Mixing--Coating--Electrode drying--calendaring-cutting--punching--stacking—tab welding--short circuit checking-pre-package--electrolyte injection--pre-formation--degassing-gas bag cutting--folding--code printing--forma......More
V6 series lipo battery User Manual Typical Features: *Lower IR with higher MPV *Higher energy density with lower weight *Longer life cycle under proper usage up to 200 times *Can be charged with 5C+ when time is critical; Recommended charge with 1......More
Q. Can you explain in detail how you match cells for a battery pack before you assembling the pack? A: We will do the following things before assembling the pack: a. Select capacity, same capacities cells for one pack b. Measure the voltage, same voltag......More
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